Hey There!

I am Dimitris P. and I am a Web Developer, Musician, Amateur Photographer
and Translator. This site used to show you various thing I could do for you
as a Freelancer. Things change though, so scroll down and check
out my not-that-social media profiles

I'm not logging into Facebook a lot, but I'm there, so here you go (I guess)

I have an instagram profile. I'm not that active lately, as I'm very busy

From time to time, I upload new music I write on my Youtube channel!

I also upload my music on Google Play Store, if you want to support my efforts


I'm a regular blogger on the Steem Blockchain. I'm also using the platform to develop some apps and do some translations.

Bonus fact: Get paid to blog!


Choon is a music website where musicians can upload their music and get some crypto in return (better than Spotify)!

Bonus fact: It's an ERC-20 token


SounDAC is a blockchain (like Steem) that can be used by third-party apps (like Peertracks) to pay the musicians in crypto (XSD)!

Bonus fact: I am a Witness - Vote for me!


Github is well-known and needs no introduction! All my open source apps can be found there!

Bonus fact: Open Source Developer? check out Utopian.io!

Other links...

  1. Google Play/Amazon AppStore - I have a couple of apps on Google Play.
                                                Check them out: Google Play link/Amazon Appstore link
  2. Utopian.io - Utopian is a crypto-incentivisation network, originally based on the Steem Blockchain, soon to be on its own platform using Steem (and probably other cryptos too) to incentivise Open Source Developers, Artists, Copywriters, etc. Have a look!
  3. PeoplePerHour - PPH is a Freelancer Marketplace, one of the best out there. Visit my profile!
Contact me:

Discord: dimitrisp#4810
Telegram: dimitrisp2