v0.0.1.6 prealpha (under development)
+ Change main page from settings area.
/ Page list on settings now work.
/ After saving a page, the list of all pages is shown below the success/error message.

v0.0.1.5 prealpha (09/02/2016)
+ Menu parsing (you can set it on settings.php. csv values as such: "main,about,contact".)
+ Basic theming capabilities!
/ $siteurl is used on making the menu links.
/ Uploaded images are now saved as files.
/ Windows Server is now supported.
/ Sidebar and Footer are now editable on the admin area (Pages -> Edit "Footer" or "Sidebar")
/ Fixed a bug in the htaccess rule, that rewrite non-latin characters.
| No theme listing

v0.0.1.4 prealpha (07/02/2016)
+ Basic settings can now be changed from the admin area
+ Page renaming & deleting
+ Frontend now checks if page exists and serves a really basic 404 error.
/ Page name is now filtered on save & rename.
| No "return to previous page" when saving/renaming. (Save fixed as of Rename fix in a later version)
| Non-latin characters are not saved correctly on Windows (probably on Linux too.) (fixed as of
| Page listing on settings not working. (Code not present) (fixed as of
| Changing $prettyurls, $footer and $sidebar have no actual effect (exists since - Footer and Sidebar functionality fixed as of, moved each to their own file.)

v0.0.1.3 prealpha (06/02/2016)
+ Page (entry) submission now works. Files are getting saved.
- /admin/ won't redirect to admin.php.
/ Summernote input is now sent to the server.
| Uploaded images are saved as base64 inside the file. (fixed as of
| Moving the site may break the content if you use non-latin characters in titles. Especially when moving from Linux to Windows-based servers. (Should be fixed as of, needs more testing. DOES NOT APPLY TO EXISTING PAGES, YOU STILL NEED TO RECREATE THEM.)

v0.0.1.2 prealpha (04/02/2016)
+ Rename page action added as placeholder (done as of
+ Delete page action added as placeholder (done as of
| No 404 errors while trying to access a non existent page (fixed as of
| Summernote input won't be sent to server. (fixed as of
| Saving the settings from admin area, will change the default page to "Main" (notice the capital "M"), no matter if it exists or not. :P (fixed as of

v0.0.1.1 prealpha (02/02/2016)
+ First version!
+ File listing in admin area
+ File editing using summernote
+ Admin area login
+ Admin area 404
* Page (entry) title is not filtered. This will cause issues. (fixed as of
| Save doesn't work yet. No code has been written for this. (fixed as of
| Settings page is empty. No code has been written for this too. (fixed as of, not complete though.)
| Frontend not working. Templating is under construction. (fixed as of
| Windows may/may not be supported. (fixed as of

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